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Hiring a production coordinator in China will prove helpful in many situations related to media production, one of which is location management. Finding the right locations to film while in China can turn into a burden. Having a local professional giving advice on the matter will make choosing the locations to film easier. If you need a journalist fixer, China Fixer will find just the right person for the job. Here are some locations in China you should check out for filming.

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Located in Northern China, not far from the capital Beijing, Tianjin is an important cultural and economical centre of the country. The population of the city is close to 14 million. The city is settled on the banks of the Hai River, popular for its night lights and boat tours. While in Tianjin, ask your location scout or production coordinator in China for advice on where to film. Tianjin is popular for its giant Ferris wheel, as well as for being in the vicinity of the Great Wall of China.


Situated just south of Shanghai, Zhejiang is a region in China with access to water, thus making it an important commercial area for the country. With the capital at Hangzhou, the region is home to nearly 60 million people. Zhejiang is one of the ancient areas of China, often considered the birthplace of Chinese civilization. Ask your production coordinator in China for advice on where to shoot while in the area. 

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Hubei has gained notoriety for being the region where the first cases of the new coronavirus were reported in 2020, in the capital of Wuhan. Besides the unwanted attention, Hubei is an offering region of China, located on the Northern side of Dongting Lake. While in Hubei, visit the old Jingzhou City, as well as the Xianling Mausoleum for some authentic Chinese experiences. Hire a journalist fixer if you are planning on shooting a documentary here.


One of the coastal provinces of China, Guangdong is situated on the mainland right over the waters from Hong Kong. Guangzhou is the capital city of the area, which is home to over 126 million people. Among the locations you should consider for filming here, note the Danxia Mountains in Shaoguan, Yuexiu Hill, Baiyun Mountain in Guangzhou, Star Lake and the Seven Star Crags, and others. Have your location scout brief you on where to film based on your needs.

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Guizhou is one of the landlocked provinces of China, famous for its universities and centres for research in many fields such as medicine. The capital of the region is Guiyang, home to more than 4 million people and an important centre for culture and education in China. While in the city, visit the famous Hongfu Temple, as well as the Qianling Mountain Park. Have your location scout or production coordinator in China help you with finding the right locations to film for your particular needs.

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China is an offering country when it comes to locations to film. With bustling cities, many world-famous attractions, and plenty of hidden gems, China is one of the leading countries for both tourism and video making. Hiring a production coordinator in China will be helpful with everything regarding media production, including locations. Thanks to our local professionals, China Fixer can recommend tailored locations based on the exact needs of your project. 

Hiring us is a guarantee of a smoother production regardless of its type. If you are ready to come to China to film, let us know. Send China Fixer an email with the brief of your project. We will carefully read through your request and get back to you as soon as possible. Together with your coordinator, we will sort out the services we will provide for you while in China.

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