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Filming in China

Hiring a fixer in China

Hiring a fixer in China will turn your production into a smoother operation. China Fixer employs vetted local professionals, making sure you are getting the right service fast and efficiently. By having our fixers at your side, filming in China turns into an easier task from the first shoot until the wrap-up. We offer assistance with visas, film permits, location management, logistics, and so on. China Fixer is your one-stop-shop for video production while in our country.

Visa for China

In most cases, you will need to apply for a visa for entering Chinese territory. Especially with the pandemic, there is a stricter ruling on entering the country for filming in China. For example, US travellers to China will need to apply for a visa beforehand, which can be obtained for up to 10 years. The same goes for EU and UK citizens in general. Check the visa requirements based on your nationality before coming here for work.

Film Permits in China

You will be required to get a film permit in China for most types of media productions. The good thing about getting your film permits is that you can have your fixer in China take care of them. Simply let them know where you want to shoot and they will check to see if you need a permit or not. If you do, they will get them for you as quickly as possible. Having a good fixer for getting permits is essential in China.

Special equipment renting info

While in China, should you need some extra gear than what you bring, our film fixer will help you with the task. China Fixer keeps in close contact with the local distributors of filming equipment. Regardless if you need to rent or buy some extra lenses or tripods, we are ready to help you with it. In regards to drones, you can fly them with no permits if they are under 250 grams. Follow the local rules to keep out of legal troubles.

Cultural facts

And while we are talking about the regulations in the country, such as getting your film permits in China, it is also worth mentioning some of the cultural aspects of the country. Chinese people are hard-working and care a lot about customs. Although they refuse your gift many times, the Chinese will ultimately accept it and value your gesture. A great deal of social interaction happens at the dinner table, where it is rude to leave food on your plate or put the chopsticks over the rice bowl.

Weather when filming in China

China is one of the largest countries on earth, which makes the weather situation differ from region to region. The temperatures are milder closer to the sea, while up in the mountains it is usually chilly. Northern China, as well as the center of the country, have hot and dry summers, as well as cold winters. Southeast China has semi-tropical weather, with rainy summers and cool winters. When filming in China, checking the (very) local weather forecast is the way to go.

Tax rebate in China

A lot of countries from around the globe will provide an incentive to filming crews when developing content within their borders. When filming in China, this is not the rule so far, yet there is an incentive for one location. If you film at Wanda’s Movie Metropolis facility in Qingdao, you will get 40% back from your expenditures at the end of production. Ask your fixer in China about tax rebates while here, as they know exactly if you qualify for any incentive.

Conclusion on filming in China

Filming in China is easier with the help of a professional fixer. While in the country, the fixer will help you with sorting out film permits, getting to the right locations for filming, and even the logistics of your project. Having a fixer in China is the right way to go especially if you are a foreign filming crew coming to the country for work. 

China Fixer is your partner for everything regarding media production. If you have decided on coming to China to film, let us know right away. Send China Fixer an email, with a brief of your project. A team representative will get back to you as soon as possible. We are eager to help you with your next media production.

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